Journey Into Nyx and #MTGFinance Part 1

sunbondYou see this card? It’s gonna be huge. Stock up on your foils now and retire before the year is over. It plus Ajani, Mentor of Heros, is going to mean big business. Naya Hexproof is already the best deck in Standard and it only gets better but combining Sunbond and Ajani’s ultimate gain 100 life ability. Ajani’s second plus ability even searches for auras, including Sunbond. Forget the fact that Naya Hexproof wants to win the game before Ajani could even be cast, let alone have his ultimate activated. We don’t care about that. All we care about is the once in a lifetime combos that still get blown out by chump blockers and board wipes.

ajani, mentor of heroesSo buy them now. Both of these cards. From me. Give me your life savings for them. Because I’m a super cool guy and I’ll give you a special deal of only charging twice the current market value or projected future value (which is projected by me and my secret methods which you aren’t allowed to know but you can totally trust me). I guarantee Ajani, Mentor of Heroes will be the most expensive mythic rare ever and it’s all because of Sunbond. So get your foils of both now. Right now. Go get them. The more time you spend reading this the less #MTGFinance money you’re going to make and you won’t be a kajillionaire like #MTGFinance masters such as myself.


Now we need to talk about Deicide. Basically, every god is now worthless. To quote some dead philosopher guy, “God is dead”. Except this time it’s all 15 Theros gods and not just Yahweh. Instant speed for practically no mana, exile a God then Cranial Extraction the rest from your opponent’s deck. The best/worst part of Deicide is that it doesn’t Cranial your god of the same name. Sell your gods now before they become worthless, if they haven’t already.

Something else worth noting about Deicide is that it hits regular enchantments, too. That means enchantment creatures are basically garbage now that white has its own Doom Blade for them. Much like God, the bestow mechanic is now dead. Really, every enchantment is now dead. God weapons, auras, Doubling Season. All dead. You’ll probably never get to play an enchantment ever again.

RIP in Piece Enchantments, 1993-2014.

kruphix god of horizonsEven though all enchantments are dead forever, people are still going to try to play gods. Specifically, Kruphix, God of Horizons. He is the most broken god they’ve ever made and will impact Standard, Modern, Legacy, Vintage, Pauper, Peasant, Prismatic, EDH, YuGiOh, Commander, Planechase, Archenemy, and even Momir Basic. In 10 years, foils of Kruphix are going to be at least $1,000 each. Standard is going to be dominated by Bant because of his ability to hold onto Sphinx’s Revelation mana. They won’t be Revving for just five or six anymore. They’ll hold onto all their mana for turns at a time and dump it into a big 40 mana Revelation then keep themselves from decking out with Elixir of Immortality. Kruphix is pre-ordering around $10-15 right now. Get as many as you can before he spikes up to $100 and becomes the next Tarmogoyf.

iroas god of victoryThe rest of the gods are garbage though. Literally garbage. Especially, Iroas, God of Victory. He’s pre-ordering around $20 and will quickly become bulk. If you get any at your pre-release, immediately sell them for whatever you can get. Trade them for a Dr. Pepper if you have to. He’s virtually unplayable and you’re better off opening a Mindreaver. It’s not like you can easily curve out to an active Iroas in standard or anything. Nope. Absolutely impossible. Everything associated with Boros is going to tank because their god is just that bad. But I’m a pretty cool guy so I’ll buy it all up from you at bulk prices if you want.

The rest of the gods don’t matter so just throw them away if you get them. Same with all the mythics in this set. They’re all bad and belong in a garbage can.

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