Standard – Jelira, Master Polymorphist

Magic 2015 Jalira, Master PolymorphistBasic breakdown:

1. The combo

Use Jalira to sacrifice a Selesnya Charm token to turn it into a Worldspine Wurm. With zero non-legendary creatures in the deck except for Worldspine Wurm, you will get it 100% of the time.

2. The game plan

Use basic UW control tactics to control the board until it’s safe to try to use the combo. Azorius Charms, Detention Spheres and Supreme Verdicts should get you there. Worst case scenario is using Selesnya Charm as removal or chump blocks. Once the board is stable, play Jalira and a token, then activate Jelira on your next turn to get a Worldspine Wurm. If you end up drawing your Worldspine Wurms, Sphinx’s Revelation will fill up your hand and force you to discard them, triggering their ability that puts them back in your deck. Also Revelation will help keep you in the game by getting your life total back up.

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