Bring Back Pauper Dailies

Anyone else remember Pauper dailies on Magic Online? Those were some good times.

For those that don’t know, Pauper is basically Vintage except only commons are allowed. Pauper was also one of the most popular formats to play in on Magic Online. A while back, they stopped having daily pauper events like they do for Modern, Standard, etc. Some idiot in management decided Magic Online should reflect paper Magic more accurately. Since there’s almost no Pauper played in paper Magic, they abolished the daily events. We still have 8-mans and 2-mans for some reason. Probably to appease the now broken community.

I’ve asked if Pauper dailies will ever come back and received virtually no response. The best response so far was probably “Ask Turian” and from there I got nothing. A solid “No, now stop bothering me” would suffice. At least then, the community would have a better answer. You could say their plan to mimic paper Magic is the equivalent but it’s not blunt enough for me to accept.

Pauper tends to be a broken format. I can’t deny that. From various incarnations of Storm to Infect to Post, the format can get a little lopsided. That’s not a reason to stop caring about a format unless you ask certain people who happen to work at Wizards. The format was fun, relatively cheap, had a relatively low barrier to entry, decently competitive, and all because of grassroots type support that Wizards eventually realized they could milk for loads of money. At some point they decided they didn’t like money anymore though.

Unfortunately, without dailies the community just isn’t really there anymore. 8-mans fire every once in a while but that’s it. If dailies came back, they would reach player cap every single time. Over $1000 of revenue a day not being made by Wizards because some idiot decided Pauper wasn’t good enough for the Wizards brand or something.

Every reason Pauper dailies should come back:

1. Easy money for Wizards. Wizards, and by extension Hasbro, loves money. They can’t get enough of it and Pauper dailies would make it rain $1000+ revenue a day.

2. The players want it. If the format were as disliked as Wizards marketing would lead you to believe, we never would’ve had $10 commons.

3. Obscure commons from old sets push flashback draft attendance. Mercadian Masques is a little more lucrative to draft when you know you can scoop up Ancestral Masks and sell them to Pauper players. By the way, pushing draft attendance makes Wizards more money. And they love money. You see where I’m going with this?

4. I want them to. That’s a reason in and of itself.

5. Fire whoever decided to cut them. They’re costing Wizards tons of money.

6. Not everyone has the budget for Standard/Modern/Legacy/Vintage and by not supporting the budget players format, untold amounts of players are being alienated.

Maybe if Kibler played pauper they would be back by now.

tl;dr: Bring back Pauper dailies

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