Pauper Dailies are Back

You read right. Pauper dailies are officially back starting this weekend. All that internet whining I did paid off. To the pauper community I say “you’re welcome” because obviously it was me, and me alone, who brought the tournaments back from oblivion. It was all my tweets at Worth Wollpert and Mike Turian that did it. It was even thanks to my post yesterday demanding they return, even if it was eight hours after the announcement because I don’t pay close enough attention to the news.

Unfortunately, they’re less dailies and more weekendies. They will only be Fridays through Sundays at 5:30pm pacific time. This isn’t right. Why can’t they be every day? Who do they need to prove Pauper is a lucrative format to? Just put it back the way it was so everyone can be happy. What is their obsession with breaking things that work and then half-assedly repairing them if they repair them at all. Just like V4 and their new website, instead of pushing forward with their bad ideas, they should just undo their bad ideas. Move the 1s and 0s back into the places your customers like them.

I guess I’m grateful they’re back at all. Maybe it’s a step towards having Monday through Thursday events. But it could also be a step back to no Pauper dailies at all.

Momir’s back, too, I guess.

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